All Balls Itch

Another girl pretending to be a guy so she can write freely. And not get fired. Or divorced. Or lose friends.

TV in Review

I suggest visiting this page to get a sense of the types of shows I enjoy, so you’ll know if we are sympatico. Otherwise it will turn out like that date I had with the guy who told me he only watches the news and reads non-fiction.

That turned out with me excusing myself to use the restroom. He assumed I meant I was going to pee, but what I meant was I was going to another floor in the club to find someone more interesting.

Yeah, I kinda suck at communicating effectively.


Anthing by Shonda Rimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal)

Bethenny Ever After

Big Bang Theory

The Big C

Mad Men

Modern Family

Shahs of Sunset


True Blood


Braxton Family Values


Daily Show

Girlfriends/Friends/Living Single (I DOrealize they’re all the same damn show, only with different clothes)


Khloe & Lamar

Pregnant in Heels

Raising Hope

The Talk


Walking Dead

Wendy Williams



Any show about realtors

Any CSI, SVU, Cop, Invesigator (their spinoff city) show

Any Kardashian show without Khloe

Any Real Housewives of (Insert City) other than Atlanta

Any Show in New Jersey

Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea

The Borgias

Colbert Report

Fox News

The Game


Ice Loves Coco

Millionaire Matchmaker

The View


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